Various Artists - Banter - A Candle Records Collection Various Artists Banter - A Candle Records Collection

Format: CD
Label: Candle
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Description: 22 songs, 11 artists: The Lucksmiths, the Dearhunters, Darren Hanlon, the Mabels, Golden Rough, Greenkeeper, Ruck Rover, Richard Easton, Fibrotown, Weave, Stella One Eleven.

Track listing:
1. the Lucksmiths: "T-Shirt Weather"
2. the Lucksmiths: "Tmrw Vs. Y'day"
3. Dearhunters: "Ambulance"
4. Dearhunters: "Candle"
5. Darren Hanlon: "Fun Park Fugitives"
6. Darren Hanlon: "Beta Losers"
7. the Mabels: "Tullamarine"
8. the Mabels: "Still Finding"
9. Golden Rough: "King Apathy IV"
10. Golden Rough: "The Girl Who Loves Bridges"
11. Greenkeeper: "Well Wishing"
12. Greenkeeper: "Handy Man"
13. Ruck Rover: "Burnt Out"
14. Ruck Rover: "Christine"
15. Richard Easton: "Token Free"
16. Richard Easton: "Free As A Bird"
17. Fibrotown: "Country Girl Gone Wrong"
18. Fibrotown: "Saddest Boy"
19. Weave: "Welcome To Our House"
20. Weave: "The Apocalyptic Love Song"
21. Stella One Eleven: "Relative Madness"
22. Stella One Eleven: "Three Nights And Three Days"

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