Various Artists Bug Bite/Broken Tree Fort split

Format: Cassette
Label: Dead Turtle
Price: $3.44
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Description: Bug Bite's music endulges in twee pop excess! The brother/sister duo from California rocks and bobs like the Beat Happening and Bunnygrunt alternately, depending on who is singing... and in their more casual moments sound a bit like the Shapiros. Canada's Broken Tree Fort shifts between full-on shake-it rock and dizzyingly drowsy-pop -- somewheres between Sloan and Yo La Tengo...

Track listing:
1. Bug Bite: "Tear Drops"
2. Bug Bite: "Candy Heart Powder"
3. Bug Bite: "Connect Four"
4. Bug Bite: "Moonbeams And Heartdrops"
5. Bug Bite: "All That (And Dim Sum)"
6. Bug Bite: "Squish Girl"
7. Bug Bite: "Shy"
8. Bug Bite: "CBSG"
9. Bug Bite: "MimiIIII"
10. Bug Bite: "Go Me"
11. Bug Bite: "Umbrella"
12. Bug Bite: "Figure Eights"
13. Broken Tree Fort: "On Key"
14. Broken Tree Fort: "Winter's Almost Here"
15. Broken Tree Fort: "Dream A Little Place"
16. Broken Tree Fort: "Down Down Down"
17. Broken Tree Fort: "See It Coming"
18. Broken Tree Fort: "Awkward Senses"
19. Broken Tree Fort: "Eye Lids Closed"
20. Broken Tree Fort: "Do Do Do"
21. Broken Tree Fort: "Ceiling Song"
22. Broken Tree Fort: "Left In The Darkness"
23. Broken Tree Fort: "Somewhere In Space (live with Leon from Bug Bite)"

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