Various Artists Noises From The Sound Cupboard

Format: 12" vinyl LP
Label: Boa
Price: $12.05
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Description: Vinyl-only compilation featuring Adventures in Stereo, Magoo, One Dove, Mogul, Policecart, the Interceptors, Urusei Yatsura, etc.

Track listing:
1. Rhatigan: "Julianne"
2. Mogul: "Jonni"
3. Peter Easton: "Untitled"
4. Netto Warrior: "Dolni Vestonice"
5. Debbie Skhow: "He Watches Television"
6. Electroscope: "Cathode Follower Output"
7. Urusei Yatsura: "Kozee Hearts"
8. Cowboy Ernie Sites: "The Sierry Petes"
9. the Interceptors: "Attack Of The Killer Cheeseplant"
10. Geno Washington: "Introduction"
11. Adventures In Stereo: "Too Late"
12. Policecat: "Lone Rider"
13. D.P. Hughes: "Little Spiritualist Dweller"
14. Magoo: "British Cars"
15. John Cavanagh: "Arcturan Amplitude"
16. One Dove: "Camp Freddy's Lament"
17. Van Impe: "Brother Bat"

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