the Aislers Set - The Last Match the Aislers Set The Last Match

Format: CD
Label: Slumberland
Price: $10.88
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Description: This second full length is a highly lush and organic, analog-style, feel good pop classic! The organ delights. The vocals breeze. The percussion hops. The guitar buzzes and jangles. Trumpets, handclaps, xylophone, and tambourine add to an atmosphere of pure sparkle! Highly recommended!

Track listing:
1. "The Way To Market Station"
2. "Hit The Snow"
3. "Chicago New York"
4. "One Half Laughing"
5. "Been Hiding"
6. "Balloon Song"
7. "Lonely Side Of Town"
8. "Last Match"
9. "Christmas Song"
10. "The Walk"
11. "The Red Door"
12. "Fairnt Chairnt"
13. "We Give Up"
14. "Bang Bang Bang"

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