Steward I Was The Only Boy On The Netball Team

Format: CD
Label: Blackbean And Placenta
Price: $8.95
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Track listing:
1. "Gentle Obsession"
2. "Heavy Water By Stadium [remixed by Steward]"
3. "The Man The The Tiny Hands Lens Cut [Slow Mix. Remixed By Accelera Deck]"
4. "Silver Sodapop [by One Star. Remixed By Steward]"
5. "You Have Too Much Time On Your Hands"
6. "Backpedal [remixed by Kid 606]"
7. "My Boy KNows"
8. "Aube Sound Sources [assembled by Steward]"
9. "Bit Part Actor Come Good [remixed by Figurine]"
10. "You Push Too Hard Sometimes"
11. "Departure [by Accetate Zero. Remixed by Steward]"
12. "Stewards Bonus Beatz"

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