Various Artists Amazing Grace Sampler

Format: CD-R
Label: Grace
Price: $6.28
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Description: 15 song CD-R comp of mostly unknowns... includes Adria, Testbild!, Homeland, Doha, Sharif, Dusustin Diamante!, Postman, etc....

Track listing:
1. Homeland: "Welcome Home!"
2. Sara Culler: "Once Again, Someone Else"
3. Dusustin Diamante!: "Entr'acte"
4. M. Evangelico: "If Jesus Wants Me By His Side"
5. Ogden Flood: "Out In The Sticks"
6. Bent Spanner Arty Banner: "Nerves"
7. Testbild!: "Galena Blimp"
8. Bohunk: "Sandstorm"
9. Postman: "Everything I Touch"
10. David And The Citizens: "Monkey On My Back"
11. Adria: "Goto"
12. Quit Your Dayjob: "Mouthbreather"
13. Sharif: "Asystole #6"
14. Doha: "High/Low"
15. Pinine: "S.M. Dead Links To Sports"

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