Den Baron - The Soundtrack Of My Life Den Baron The Soundtrack Of My Life

Format: CD
Label: Apricot
Price: $7.00
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Description: This disc is comprised of previously unreleased material as well as some tracks that appeared on compilations... Great voice; smart, soothing guitars; sunny keyboards. Magical!

Track listing:
1. "Kaji"
2. "Tomorov"
3. "Denclub"
4. "Simplicity Kills Sometimes"
5. "Being The Last One To Deliver A Song For A Compilation"
6. "Sori"
7. "A Good Time"
8. "Under Your Spell"
9. "Close The Door"
10. "Lost A Lover Lost A Friend"
11. "Slow Motion Picture"
12. "Potion No. 1"
13. "In Your Eyes"
14. "Pathetic Me"

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