Dollar Love Plus Dollar Love Plus

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Description: Three guys and a girl from Chicago play wispy, but upbeat jangle-pop... co-ed vocals! (and somewhat cuddly.)

Track listing:
1. "Up On The Cypress Tree"
2. "Kick It In The Coals"
3. "Devil's In The Details"
4. "Jilted By The Jailhouse"
5. "Questions Concerning Terry Hyper"
6. "Other Times"
7. "Pick It Up"
8. "Just Another Rhyme"
9. "Artificial Starlight"
10. "Bottom Of The Fifth"
11. "Shake That Clown"
12. "Your Heart's Sieve"
13. "I'm A Nut"
14. "The Radiator Song"
15. "Hey, George"
16. "Shake The Lemon Tree Down"
17. "We Left The Cat With Jethro"

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