Various Artists - Just For A Day: A Pop Compilation Various Artists Just For A Day: A Pop Compilation

Format: CD
Label: Just For A Day
Price: $7.01
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Description: 19 song pop compilation featuring Brideshead, Gypsophile, Jumprope, Postal Blue, Mumbly, Le Coupe, Bella Vista, Majestic, Aquadays, Glaring Surge, They Go Boom!!, In A Day, Red Go-Cart, Clean Boy * Messy Girl, the Leslies, Reddy Kilowatt, Den Baron, and Gentle Tuesday.

Track listing:
1. Majestic: "Rainbow Connection"
2. Brideshead: "The Leaf-H"
3. Den Baron: "Denclub"
4. Bella Vista: "Run And Hide"
5. They Go Boom!!: "Ballad Of The Band"
6. Aquadays: "Senseless"
7. Le Coupe: "Everything I Do (4-track version)"
8. Leslies: "Be Me"
9. Postal Blue: "I Know Where Your Dreams Go"
10. In A Day: "Lazy Summer Days"
11. Glaring Surge: "Today ... Please"
12. Gentle Tuesday: "I Keep On Doin It"
13. Mumbly: "Le Herisson (version techno)"
14. Reddy Kilowatt: "Funny How"
15. Clean Boy Messy Girl: "It's Rabbit Year"
16. Jumprope: "Follow Me"
17. They Go Boom!!: "Cold Harbour Nights"
18. Gypsophile: "For Your Smile"
19. Red Go-Cart: "Maybe, It Is A Song"

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