Johnny Dee Love Compilation

Format: CD
Label: Vinyl Japan
Price: $14.95
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Description: This Japanese group fuses breezy male vocals with jangly and jazzy masterful guitar-pickings reminiscent of Johnny Marr and Max Eider at their heights! Includes nice cover of the Go-Betweens' "Bachelor Kisses." Everything on this disc is pretty much perfect! Recommended!

Track listing:
1. "Theme For Johnny Dee"
2. "When My Heart Goes Wild"
3. "Good Bye Flip Flap Guitar"
4. "Why I Like Max Eider (Part. 1)"
5. "Blue Girl From North Town"
6. "A Day In Waterloo"
7. "Hey, Gentle Girl"
8. "Bachelor Kisses"
9. "So What !"
10. "Why I Like Max Eider (Part. 3)"

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