Northern Picture Library - Still Life Northern Picture Library Still Life

Format: CD
Label: Vinyl Japan
Price: $14.95
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Description: This compiles the "Love Song For The Dead Che," "Blue Dissolve," and "Paris" eps released in 1993 and 1994. Yes, these dreamy post-Field Mice songs still sound as wonderful today as then!

Track listing:
1. "Here To Stay"
2. "Norfolk Windmills"
3. "Love Song Of The Dead Che No. 2"
4. "Untitled No. 3"
5. "Last September's Farewell Kiss"
6. "Breaking"
7. "Paris"
8. "Love Song For The Dead Che No. 1"
9. "The Way That Stars Die"
10. "Dear Faraway Friend"
11. "Signs"

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