Shell Shell Is Swell

Format: CD
Label: Abaton Book Company
Price: $12.75
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Description: These are dark, mystical and quirky keyboard-based tunes that bubble like a witch's brew. Teenagers Donna and Marianne, who both sing here, have a knack for crafting the frightfully enchanting. Uniquely delivered vocals, and layers upon layers of musical peculiarities...a genuine *experience*!

Track listing:
1. "Guillotine"
2. "In My Blood"
3. "Before The Eclipse"
4. "Little Hell"
5. "Marz's Birthday"
6. "Ashes To Dust"
7. "The Prey"
8. "The Blink"
9. "The Blink (Between The Lashes)"
10. "Mausoleum"
11. "Centipedes Have Needs, Too"
12. "Perfectly Good Sugar"
13. "My Maze"
14. "Another Day"
15. "Shell Theme Song"

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