Various Artists Girl Crazy!

Format: CD
Label: Remedial
Price: $9.65
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Description: 17 song Girl compilation featuring Ninety-Nine, the Chubbies, Catfight!, Bombshell, Junior Varsity, the Eyeliners, Swoons, Me First, etc!

Track listing:
1. Catfight!: "Not In Love"
2. the Eyeliners: "You Lose"
3. the Chubbies: "The Vegas Song (I'm Still Here)"
4. Junior Varsity: "Party Tonight"
5. the Neptunas: "Shapes Of Things To Come"
6. Budget Girls: "Tinklebee"
7. Me First: "Drunk And Walking Home Alone"
8. Maow: "Just Fine"
9. the Hissy Fits: "Wish"
10. the Beautys: "Small Meat Driver"
11. Red #9: "Dependency"
12. Bombshell: "Condescending Boy"
13. Kitty Bad Ass: "Pricks"
14. Swoons: "My Grandpa Is Joey Ramone"
15. East Coast Panic: "All You"
16. Ballgagger: "Side Dish"
17. Ninety Nine: "Woekender"

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