Bill Foreman Mind Monkey

Format: CD-R
Label: Duckweed
Price: $7.64
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Description: Guitar-rock and acoustic strum n' jangle combine with a voice that brings to mind both Bob Dylan and Lou Reed in style. As well, psychedelic, blues and ragtime elements are quite pervasive!

Track listing:
1. "Backward Cymbal Tune"
2. "Queens"
3. "What Your Heart Can See"
4. "The Red Commisar"
5. "God, Part III"
6. "Mother Earth Is Crying"
7. "Invisible Man"
8. "Potato Truck Headlights"
9. "Heart Of Steel"
10. "Brand New Mustange"
11. "?"
12. "It Is Not I Who Am Insane Madman"
13. "I've Maintained My Advantage"
14. "Scary Tune"
15. "E-Ticket"
16. "Bad Weather"

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