Moloch Singular Economics And The Credence Of Fidelity And Geometry

Format: CD-R
Label: Duckweed
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Description: Nerdy rock n roll with punk, hillbilly and new wave elements, featuring basic keyboard, video game-like sound effects, happy bass lines, and simple guitar. Much of the album brings to mind "Mexican Radio" by Wall of Voodoo. Prolapse, too. It's a treasure chest of esoteric lyrics, which hardly qualify as being sung, but are subersively funny, and sometimes even a chorus is found.

Track listing:
1. "Regeneration"
2. "Subcar Gang"
3. "Down The Throat"
4. "Road Debris"
5. "Left"
6. "Suburban Orbit"
7. "Pagan Scrub"
8. "No Sink"
9. "Fatalist Burlesque"
10. "Fortune Lawns"
11. "Funambulesque"
12. "It's Hard Getting At It"
13. "Reddleman And The Widow"
14. "B Movie Killer"
15. "Mental Brand Name"
16. "Reptile Soda"

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