Grenade Is An Out Of The Body Experience

Format: CD-R
Label: Duckweed
Price: $7.64
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Description: This is partly acoustic guitar centered smokey, wispy folk-pop, and partly upbeat, fuzzy, tuneful rock n roll. Occasional use of sampling, and a good voice too. From Brazil!

Track listing:
1. "Growing Sun"
2. "Angels"
3. "Liar Father Rise"
4. "Fishing"
5. "King Of The Sailors Of Doom"
6. "Hometown"
7. "Demons"
8. "Rubber Made Heart"
9. "Out Of The Body"
10. "She Will Fly"
11. "Time For Picnics"
12. "Razor Blades"
13. "Restless"
14. "The Sensorial Cake Language"
15. "Down On Me"
16. "Slow White Comeback"

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