Careless Carliss And The Cantelope Girls The Ballad Of Dr. Fell

Format: CD
Label: Jargon
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Description: I didn't know people who wore masks ever performed pop music, but I guess the quartet of female backup singers cancels out that misstep from Rick "they don't call him 'careless' for nothing" Carliss? Although it appears he's really just the slave to Head Cantelope Eleda who writes the songs. Anyway, what we have here is upbeat, kind of partyin' (but sometimes low-key) jazzy/loungey power-pop with congas, keyboards, swingin' saxophones and happy guitars.

Track listing:
1. "The Ballad Of Dr. Fell"
2. "REM"
3. "Attention, Stockholm"
4. "Death"
5. "Kool-Aid Kids, Revisited"
6. "Bed Of Nails"
7. "Some Must Whistle"
8. "The Voltage Seems To Hit Me"
9. "My Dog Doug"
10. "The Girl From Havana"
11. "Excuses"
12. "Taggin' Along"
13. "The Gutter"

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