Various Artists Global Lo-fi Underground - Vol. 2

Format: CD-R
Label: Duckweed
Price: $8.95
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Description: The 11 artists from Volume 1 (28 Day Notice, A:Minor, Grenade, Bill Foreman, The Busted Fan, Graham F. Watts, UTP, Bluntz Millions, Brian Forden, Air Hockey Injury, and Down With The Ants) combine again - this time for 25 tracks.

Track listing:
1. Grenade: "Bastard"
2. Bill Foreman: "Half-Speed 'Across The Windy Distance'"
3. A:Minor: "Unfinished, Undecided"
4. U.T.P.: "Mars Bars And Cattle Fires"
5. Air Hockey Injury: "Son Of Crinkle"
6. the Busted Fans: "Allegedly"
7. Bluntz Millions: "Know Your Plan"
8. Brian Forden: "Clock Of Elvenkind"
9. 28 Day Notice: "Never The Optimist"
10. Grenade: "Over Your Tracks"
11. U.T.P.: "Awaiting The Fit"
12. Down With The Ants: "Phone Co. Telemarketer Lady"
13. Air Hockey Injury: "Northlander"
14. Bill Foreman: "The Canadian Vacation"
15. Graham F. Watts: "Chicken 37"
16. A:Minor: "So The Queen Is Dead"
17. 28 Day Notice: "Pennies And Pushchairs"
18. Bill Foreman: "San Diego"
19. U.T.P.: "Link Part 2"
20. Brian Forden: "Adelaide"
21. Bluntz Millions: "B Movie Killers"
22. Grenade: "Razor Blades"
23. Down With The Ants: "Bleached And Blind"
24. Grenade: "Ray Davies And Neil Young"
25. Down With The Ants: "High Road"

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