Various Artists Global Lo-fi Underground - Vol. 3

Format: CD-R
Label: Duckweed
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Description: 20 home recorded songs by: Ray Carmen, Mercury Spectres, Moonbabies, Moloch, Grenade, Used Alien Mind, Lord Litter, Bill Foreman, A:Minor, Mister Karate, and the Imaginary Band.

Track listing:
1. Moonbabies: "My Buddy Buddy"
2. Ray Carmen: "Monster"
3. Moloch: "Fatalist Burlesque"
4. Grenade: "Shortwave Younglove Kingdom"
5. Bill Foreman: "Invisible Man"
6. Mister Karate: "After The Rain"
7. Grenade: "The Sensorial Cake Language"
8. A:Minor: "Dancing With The Dream Man"
9. Moonbabies: "Blue"
10. Lord Litter: "Every Night And Every Day"
11. Mercury Spectres: "Some Dopamine Stew"
12. Moonbabies: "Fall"
13. Moloch: "Borrowers"
14. the Imaginary Band: "Required Pattern Piece"
15. Grenade: "Liar Father Rise"
16. Used Alien Mind: "Hallow Ginnal"
17. Mister Karate: "When The Revolution Comes"
18. Bill Foreman: "Pome"
19. Moloch: "Down The Throat"
20. Mercury Spectres: "A Slow Ride Into Hell"

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