Busytoby - It's Good To Be Alive Busytoby It's Good To Be Alive

Format: CD
Label: Parasol Records
Price: $11.51
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Parasol Description: Joe & Amanda are one-half of the wildly popular band Wolfie. This album traces the couple's relationship out into a prospective future from which Joe & Amanda look back as grandparents and realize "it's good to be alive."

Track listing:
1. "Sparrow, Somehow You Know"
2. "The Band"
3. "Ms. Thripp"
4. "Hey Hali"
5. "Big Big Brother"
6. "Dear Momma And Poppa"
7. "I Been Waiting"
8. "Greenwood Ave., Jonathan Lane"
9. "Just You And Me Know Who"
10. "The Very Strange Rabbit"
11. "The Fateful Day"
12. "House On A Hill"
13. "Maia And Leaves"
14. "A Quiet Night At Home"
15. "The Day We'll Meet A Cloud"
16. "Why It's Good To Be Alive"

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