Various Artists - Intellectos Manifesto Various Artists Intellectos Manifesto

Format: CD
Label: Intellectos
Price: $8.75
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Description: 21 song compilation of breezy jangle pop, gritty electronica, bubblecore, and more. Includes Fonda, Winterbrief, Bug Bite, Clock Strikes Thirteen, Brideshead, Aikagi, Steward, Mathlete, Persons, Transistor Six, the Hit Device, Remote Viewer, the Kiss Offs, etc.

Track listing:
1. the Guy Who Invented Fire: "Journey"
2. Aikagi: "Orange"
3. the Hit Device: "Anjina"
4. Youth Untold: "The Kids Are All Gay"
5. Winterbrief: "209bpm"
6. Steward: "FFWD"
7. Fonda: "Theme From "The Operatives""
8. Atom And His Package: "Stephanie Says"
9. the Remote Viewer: "Untitled #17"
10. Brideshead: "Life Without A Thrill"
11. Transistor Six: "Always Mock Tutor"
12. Hello Cuca: "Rebeldes Con Walkie-Talkie"
13. Bug Bite: "Bugs Bite"
14. Understudy Inferior: "Intro-No Street Kids"
15. the Kiss Offs: "Do The Zoo"
16. Clock Strikes Thirteen: "Ever Decreasing Circles (mountainous reverberation version)"
17. Schulte/Eriksson: "New Song Remix"
18. Ted Leo: "Together Or Parallel?"
19. Fingernail: "Precision"
20. Mathlete: "The Reverend's Organ"
21. Persons: "Idealists Dead"

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