Scott Brookman - For Those Who Like Pop Scott Brookman For Those Who Like Pop

Format: CD
Label: Twee Kitten
Price: $5.00
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Description: A full length carnival of delightful pop confection, High Llamas-esque imaginary soundtracks, Wilsonian vocal magic! Absolutely positively essential if you enjoy quirky, stylish music with a sense of humor. Think of a collaboration of Burt Bacharach with Brian Wilson and the guys from They Might Be Giants, and you'll get an idea of where this disc is planted, musically.

Track listing:
1. "Ballad Of A Boy Named Dracula (Main Title Theme)"
2. "Karen"
3. "In The Scheme Of Things"
4. "Then You See Her"
5. "Stearnes Pantywaist"
6. "Polka Dot Bridge"
7. "Swing My Way"
8. "She Smiled At Me"
9. "The Undersea World Of Sherlock Holmes (Main Title Theme)"
10. "The Manifestation Of Emily Funkhausen (Main Title Theme)"
11. "Uncle's Telescope"
12. "The Sinister Cyclist"

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