the Relationships - Trend the Relationships Trend

Format: CD
Label: Twee Kitten
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Description: Delightful twelve song full length!! In addition to the moments of pure-pop, infectious, toe-tapping delight, "Trend" presents a magical array of softly hypnotic periods spun off effortlessly from the strum-and-jangle centerpoint. Songs rise and fall into both electrified swirl and solo guitar strum respectively, while background vocals are used throughout the album to majestic, resplendent effect. This disc from the "godfathers" of the Oxford, UK music scene (ex-Here Comes Everybody, ex-Razorcuts, ex-Anyways, etc) also features their friends Amelia "Marine Research" Fletcher singing guest backing vocals on a couple of tracks, Liz "Blue Kite" Woolley singing backup on one, and Andy "Ride" Bell playing some wigout guitar on another ("All God's Children")!

Track listing:
1. "The Godfathers"
2. "Invisible"
3. "Junior"
4. "Knock Knock Who's There"
5. "Old Fashioned"
6. "The Usual Address"
7. "My Divorcee"
8. "Northern Bird"
9. "What She Said"
10. "Darkroom"
11. "All God's Children"
12. "Well"

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