Charming - Champagne And Magazines Charming Champagne And Magazines

Format: CD
Label: Twee Kitten
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Description: The second full length! Nicole's vocals remain classic cool and are the perfect compliment to a sound that has expanded beyond the guitar-pop that graced Charming's monumental debut 'Giant.' Now trumpets, keyboards, trombone, and sax have emerged as well, guiding this album through a breathtaking series of surprises and extravagances. This one is for fans of pop music with a soulful passion, top-shelf bossanova, disco at its most infectious, etc. A landmark!

Track listing:
1. "Let Me Take You Out"
2. "A Year And Four Months"
3. "Downtown"
4. "Where Have I Been"
5. "April"
6. "Guilty By Association"
7. "You Were Not Meant For Me"
8. "Charlottesville, 1997"
9. "How Unkind"
10. "The Interview"
11. "Champagne And Magazines"

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